Dance Curriculum

Gymnastics_Dance_AWC7734PRE-SCHOOL DANCE: A first course in dance for the 3 to 5 year old. Introduction to movement, music and rhythm through formal and informal dance forms.

INTRODUCTION TO DANCE: A beginning course in informal and formal dance with elementary instruction in Ballet and Tap for the 6 to 7 year old.

BALLET: Classical and Contemporary Ballet for students over 6 years old. Separate classes are held at each level of training, including beginning, intermediate and advanced.

TAP: Basic Tap work for beginning, intermediate and advanced students in all styles including Soft Shoe, Waltz Clog, Rhythm and Progressive.

JAZZ: Instruction at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. Prior or concurrent ballet classes required for placement in these classes.

CAROL & COMPANY (by invitation only): Our company troupe ranging from age 6 through high school. This select group will participate in special performances and competitions. These students will focus on all styles of dance that are offered.

PROFESSIONAL BALLET (by invitation only): Advanced Ballet, Pre-Pointe, or Pointe classes. Professional Ballet students must attend 3 classes per week.