Dance Curriculum

Pre-School Dance

A first course in dance for the 3 to 5 year old. Introduction to movement, music and rhythm, through formal and informal dance forms.

Introduction to Dance

A beginning course in informal and formal dance with elementary instruction in Ballet and Tap for the 6 to 7 year old.


Classical and Contemporary Ballet for students over 6 years old. Separate classes are held at each level of training, including beginning, intermediate, and advanced.


Basic Tap work for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students in all styles including Soft Shoe, Waltz Clog, Rhythm, and Progressive.


Instruction at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. Prior or concurrent ballet classes required for placement in these classes.

Carol & Company

(by invitation only)

Our company troupe ranging from age 6 through high school. This select group will participate in special performances and competitions. These students will focus on all styles of dance that are offered.

Professional Ballet

(by invitation only)

Advanced Ballet, Pre-Pointe, or Pointe classes. Professional Ballet students must attend 3 classes per week.