Ninja Zone

What is the Ninja Zone?

Ninja Zone captures your child’s energy and ignites their confidence. By opening up the world of Ninja Zone to your child, you are providing a unique way to focus their energy. Practicing the sport of ninja exercises the body and mind, not only bringing kids home happy, but also building character and cultivating discipline. Ninja classes aren’t just a ton of fun for kids (although they are, in fact, a TON of fun), they instill values and techniques that provide an important foundation for your child’s success.

Ninja Zone gives your child the confidence to take on any challenge and gives you peace of mind knowing that you are contributing to their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

What do Ninjas do in a Class?

Ninja Zone combines gymnastics, martial arts, obstacle course training, and breakdance into a fast paced high energy class! They learn how to tumble, how to kick, and even how to flip off the wall! They also learn the Ninja Creed, teaching self-confidence, discipline, safety, impulse control, and responsibility.

What Ages Can Participate?

We offer classes for Lil’ Ninjas for ages 3-5, and regular Ninja classes for ages 4-11.

What do They Wear?

Every Ninja is required to wear the Ninja Uniform. Uniform dress promotes discipline, unity, and commitment. All Ninja Zone/Ninja Sport participants nationwide are required to be in uniform every week for class. A Ninja Uniform consists of a Ninja Zone T-shirt and a Ninja Head band. They wear their own athletic shorts / pants!

How Does My Ninja Make Progress?

Ninja Zone offers different levels, and each level has its own headband color! Your Ninja’s trainer will send home bi-monthly Progress Reports tracking progress and readiness to advance. When a Ninja is ready to advance, the trainers will challenge them to a Mission!

What is a Mission?

A mission is for the advancement of ninja boys or ninja girls to move up to the next level i.e.; white to yellow, yellow to green, and green to blue.

When Ninjas are ready to move to the next level, their instructor will fill out an “Invitation to Mission Card.” Missions will be scheduled on a bi-monthly basis. At their mission, Ninjas will be evaluated on mastery of their skills and on The Creed.

What’s the Ninja Mantra?

Trainer Says:




Students Reply:





*All Clap*

*All Clap*

*All Clap, Clap* “NINJAS!”

Important Documents?

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