Gymnastics Curriculum

Pre-School Program

The Pre-School Program creatively introduces children (ages 3-5) to gymnastics. Classes are targeted towards age and skill levels. This course helps children build strength and confidence in themselves. They also master the basic elements of gymnastics.

Skilled Progressions Program

The Skilled Progressions Program provides hands on instruction for skill development. These increase in difficulty as the student progresses. Students focus on Floor, Bars, Beam, and introduction to Vault. The goal is to ensure the gymnast is learning all necessary skills to continue to advance in difficulty, both safely and successfully. Students’ progress will be continuously monitored by coaches for consideration to be placed in our Pre-Competitive Training Program.

Pre-Competitive Training Program

(by invitation only)

The Pre-Competitive Training Program prepares identified gymnasts to move into the Competitive Training Program. Students continue to focus on all gymnastics elements, as well as the implementation of a conditioning program. The program is designed to build strength and endurance. These students are selected from the Skilled Progressions Program.

Competitive Training Program

(by invitation only)

The Competitive Training Program prepares gymnasts for competitive gymnastics events up to Level 10. The program is structured for the development of the individual gymnast. Level placement is based solely on each gymnast’s ability. Individualism is highly stressed at this level. The athlete will go as far as their abilities and desires will allow. Our competitive team travels the tri-state area, participating in tournaments throughout the competition season.