The Importance of Strong Childcare for Children

Why Childcare Centers

As more parents both continue to pursue careers, childcare has increased in popularity over the years. Finding a place for their kids to spend the day can be stressful. Every parent wants their child to spend their time at a place that is caring and nurturing. They also want childcare that helps develop their kids too. 

There are many options for childcare. From childcare centers, to family child care homes with less children, there is a lot to consider. However, childcare centers like Carol Leone offer a wide variety of activities to adequately prepare your child for kindergarten and beyond. 

Prepared for the Future

At Carol Leone, childcare starts as early as 6 weeks, and spans through our Pre-Kindergarten program. Both our Pre-Kindergarten and Pre-School program are licensed by Pennsylvania’s Department of Education. One of the biggest benefits of quality childcare is preparedness for school. Parents want a program that will advance a child’s verbal, intellectual, and overall developmental skills. A place where they thrive socially, mentally, emotionally, and physically. 

A study from the University of Texas at Austin found that parents who enroll their children in childcare become more involved in school life as they get older. Children do various scheduled activities during the day at childcare centers, and therefore are used to trying new things and being busy.

Maintaining a daily routine is important for kids of all ages. Even at a young age, all kids have a daily schedule at daycare and childcare places. Not only does this help them developmentally, but it also helps the parents continue that schedule and routine when they get home. A regular schedule also helps sparks interests in children from a young age. Furthermore, the variety of activities stems more curiosity, exploration, and understanding.

Relationship Building

Another strong benefit of childcare centers like Carol Leone is the relationship building with peers. As children develop, it’s imperative they learn to interact with other kids their age. This again helps them prepare for kindergarten, and sets a strong foundation for the rest of their lives. Classrooms are divided up by age at Carol Leone. So, all activities and lessons are geared toward your child’s specific age, ensuring they are receiving the best well-rounded care possible. 

Along with interaction with kids their own age, children also benefit from interacting with adults other than their parents as mentors. Studies have shown that high-quality daycare is directly connected to quality caregiving. More specifically, adult care providers respond to a child’s vocalizations, give encouragement, and show positive attitudes while discouraging negative interactions in the childcare environment. 

These are just some of the benefits of childcare centers like Carol Leone have for your child. From as early as 6 weeks, your child is immersed in age-appropriate activities and lessons with other classmates. Our goal is to allow children to enjoy being young and experience the happiest and most joyful childhood possible. We work to connect with the children where they are. We follow their lead of understanding so we can expand upon their interests and affirm their growing self-confidence and mastery of skills.

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